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Saltwater Pool Systems for Inground Pools BLSC 60K Gal

$1,138.20 $738.90 (You save $399.30) BLACK FRIDAY 10% OFF!!!

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Your hair and skin will no longer smell like chlorine after swimming.

The Blueworks saltwater pool systems is suitable for inground pools of 60,000 gal/230,000 lts. It can produce chlorine at 60g per hour. Self cleaning chlorinator cell using reverse polarity process.

*Includes one BLDBC Cell.

Salt water System Features:

  • Super Chlorine Mode - auto generate maximum chlorine for 24 hours!
  • Adjustable Chlorine Output.
  • Water flow detector.
  • Long life time cell 10000-25000 hours.
  • Digital display, membrane panel.
  • Accurate salinity level reading.
  • High & Low salt indicators & protection - working salt from 2300PPM to 6500PPM.
  • High & Low Temperature Indicators & Protection - working temperature from 50F to 140F.
  • Cell Failed Indicator.
  • Self-Cleaning Cell.
  • Easy setting design.
  • Smart chlorinator program.
  • Workable for hot weather area like Arizona, CA, FL.

2 Years

Warehouse Location:
Oceanside, California
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