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How to Remove Metals from Swimming Pool Water?

Posted by Ken Scheer on

Metal Sequester, Basal Chemical Safe-n-Clean

Do you have copper or iron stains in your swimming pool? Have you been struggling with how to remove metals from pool water? Well, you aren't the only and we have the solution for you! The purpose of this blog post is to inform you on the best metal sequestering agent for pools. They are safe, easy to use and can make your life much easier. The Safe-N-Clean Metal Sequester is your one-stop, fast-acting, long-lasting, cost-effective, inhibitor for scale and iron-free water

Any time metal objects such as toys, tools or poles fall into your swimming pool for an extended period of time they can release copper and iron into the pool water. These deposits of metal could cause a discoloration to the pool surface directly in that area. Another way copper can get into your swimming pool is because of the use of algaecides if used in excess. Usually, if they are used in excess they can cause staining which is usually blue or green on the pool's interior finish. If iron is in the swimming pool they can generally cause rust spots. If this has happened to your pool the sequestering agent is the best metal remover for the pool.

It works its fast-acting process immediately after being placed in the strainer basket of your pump or filter canister. It is a highly soluble, fast-acting gel that helps maintain pools, designed to act synergistically with Safe-N-Clean Pool Clarifier™ to counter nature's elements. Safe-N-Clean Metal Sequester™ protects pools from stain-causing metal ions (iron) and other mineral composites. Safe-N-Clean Metal Sequester™ acts to prevent the effects of calcium and magnesium build-up, originating from poor municipal, sanitation and/or well sources, or as a bi-weekly complement to normal applications of chlorine or chlorine-free sanitizers.

It is important to start with a clean pool then use Safe-N-Clean Metal Sequester™ to maintain your pool for you. Results after 1 package can be seen for up to 30 days. Pools larger than 30,000 gallons and/or extremely dirty pools may need a weekly application.

The following are the benefits of the Safe-N-Clean Metal Sequestering Agent:

  • Nontoxic.
  • Environmentally Safe.
  • Biodegradable.
  • Completely Safe for Use with Swimming Spa Chemical Systems.

If you're looking to buy the metal sequestering agent for pools in bulk, CLICK HERE!

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