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Poolvergnuegen 2x Wheel Suction Poolcleaner For Quick & Easy Cleaning

Posted by Ken Scheer on

Poolvergnuegen, 2X Wheel Suction Poolcleaner

When it comes time to picking a swimming pool cleaner, there are numerous choices today for individuals looking to buy a new pool cleaner to assist in keeping their swimming pool free of dirt and debris. There is no question that around spring time and storm season there's an increase in sales of pool cleaners because pool owners are looking to make their job easier. The key is finding the right type of pool cleaner that can handle the tight spaces, potential adherences, benches, and steps. Not to mention the many other types of adherences you can find in pools today. Not everyone has a simple kidney shaped pool that's why you must find the best pool cleaner for your swimming pool! Next, you will also need to look at how big your pool is and if it allows for a suction or pressure system cleaner. After you've determined what your pool needs, at PST Pool Supplies, to keep the pool clean you will definitely want a cleaner that can scale the walls, maneuver over steps and can get itself "unstuck" if necessary and we've found the Poolvergnuegen 2 wheel suction pool cleaner can handle all of this and so much more. The Poolvergneugen pool cleaner has the following benefits which are straight from the manufacturer:


"All the POOLCLEANER cleaners have the patented self-adjusting turbines, which maximizes the power from the water flow. This turbine is similar to a paddle wheel with blades that are adjustable. This feature allows the POOLCLEANER to still move at low suction and low pressure. In addition, the folding vanes of the turbine allow for the easy passage of larger debris through the cleaner."


"The Poolvergnuegen 2x suction pool cleaner has an internal programmed steering system, that causes the left wheel to periodically reverse, allowing the POOLCLEANER to turn and then move into another direction. For the 2-wheel Suction POOLCLEANER, there are five different programmed turns ranging from 90 to 450 degrees. This feature allows the POOLCLEANER to cover not only the deep end but also the shallow end. The POOLCLEANER has no problem with uneven surfaces or strange shapes. It won't stick in a corner, or get hung up by the main drain."


"One look and you will see that the patented tire treads give the POOLCLEANER better climbing ability and obstacle maneuverability. The tires come with tread wear markers that show you when to replace your tires. The front tires of the POOLCLEANER have humps (raised treads) that allow the POOLCLEANER to overcome any reasonable obstacles such as the main drain and uneven surfaces. This makes the POOLCLEANER ideal for all pool surfaces and shapes."


"The POOLCLEANER has patented adjustable skirts that allow the cleaner to maintain optimal suction under the machine even when it encounters obstacles. When the POOLCLEANER encounters an obstacle one (or more) of the skirts will lift up (adjust) over the obstacle while maintaining suction under the cleaner."

The Poolvergnuegen 2 wheel suction pool cleaner comes in white and blue or black and silver depending on the interior finish of your swimming pool. This swimming pool cleaner is your source for quick and easy cleaning and tt can handle plaster, pebble tec, pebble sheen, tile and fiberglass pools too. Its maneuverability definitely makes it a smart purchase if you're looking for something reliable. We've seen that the 2-wheel POOLCLEANER can work in deep end pools even though they recommend the 4-wheel pool cleaner. Please note, that the Poolvergnuegen pool cleaner also comes in a 4-wheel (for deep end pools) as well as the option for pressure cleaners too! If you should have any questions about these pool cleaners, please contact us today!

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