Cartridge Filters Are Great for In-ground Pools Newbie Owners!

Posted by Ken Scheer on Jun 05, 2017

Cartridge Filters For Inground & Above Ground Swimming Pool

Cartridge filters are extremely easy to use and one of the best filters you can buy to help keep your swimming pool blue and clear. There are many different factors that go into what makes the best filter for your swimming pool and it would be easy to install a sand filter on every swimming pool but there are a variety of factors that go into which filter is the best for your swimming pool. This can be broken down into the following categories:

  • Type of liner
  • How much vegetation around your swimming pool
  • Surface area of the pool
  • Water conservation factors
  • Ease of use

As for this blog post, we want to specifically focus on the benefits using a cartridge filter for in-ground pools. We are also going to discuss how they work, when you should clean them, and why you will be satisfied with your purchase.

The following are pros and cons of in-ground cartridge pool filters 


  • Simple to maintain
  • Filters down to 10 microns
  • Best for water conservation due to no backwashing
  • Filters better in large surface area pools


  • More expensive filter
  • Cartridge replacement can be more expensive

When it comes to filters for your swimming pool, you can also purchase a sand or DE Filter but those have some differences compared to a cartridge filter. A sand filter filters down to 20 microns and struggles more with green pools. This filter also requires backwashing which cartridge filters don't. As for DE Filters, this filter can filter down to 3 microns which are better but it also requires backwashing and the most maintenance because you need to add DE powder every time you backwash because they coat the filter and help it trap debris. Many people complain that the DE Filter requires the most maintenance too!

That's why when it comes to choosing a filter for newbie pool owners, cartridge filters for in-ground pools are the ones we recommend the most. This filter doesn't require backwashing when the pressure reaches it max and all you have to do is take the filter apart and wash the filter grids with water. This filter is also a great choice for pool owners that are looking to conserve water because there's no backwashing. This filter will also keep your swimming pool clean which makes it a great choice for a newbie.

In the end, cartridge filters are a great choice if you’re looking to keep your swimming pool clean and are relatively easy to maintain. If you should have any questions on whether or not they would be good for your swimming pool and whether or not they need to be cleaned, contact us today! 

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