Why Salt Water Chlorinator System is Best For Your Pool?

Posted by Michael Hervas on Jan 28, 2019

Chlorine Tablets have been around for nearly 50 years VS. a Chlorine Generators also known as Salt pools or Salt Generators, which have been gaining popularity over the last 20-30 years.

Traditional chlorine isn’t your only option.

Instead of just pouring chemicals in your pool, you could use a salt water chlorinator instead. Here’s how.For as long as we can remember we have been testing water and pouring chemicals into our pools. Now with a salt water chlorinator, it removes the harsh chemicals.

Let’s look at how to understand a Salt Water Chlorination System

The best Salt Water Pool Chlorinator System continues to rise in popularity as swimming pool owners search for better and easier ways to clean their pools. Some just prefer not to dump potentially toxic chemicals into their pools, while others just want to make the cleaning process just a tad easier on themselves.

Traditionally, you may need to store chlorine for any future pool maintenance. Storing chlorine can be hazardous and dangerous. More if you have little children around exploring your backyard. This is where Salt Water Chlorinators can help simplify the process and make it a safer alternative. With an automatic salt chlorinator it can sense the rising pH and automatically introduce either CO2 or hydrochloric acid to bring the pH back to the target level.

Saltwater Pool Systems for Inground Pools BLSC 60K Gal

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Is There Really a Health Benefit to a Salt Water Chlorinator?

The answer is yes in short.

Some of the health benefits related to a salt water chlorinator is that you will be significantly reducing the amount of harmful chemicals which cause the following reactions: Skin irritation, red eyes, burning eyes, and a strong odor of chemicals on your hair and skin. You would no longer have to wait to go swimming in your pool because you needed to add chemicals.

If you have an above ground pool we suggest the above ground Salt Water Chlorinator, which offers all the same features as your in-ground or above ground chlorinator system.

What Can I Expect?

Some of the benefits to note while considering the transition from the standard chlorine tablets to a saltwater chlorinator are: Auto generate maximum chlorine for 24 hours, the convenience and the constant delivery of pure chlorine-based sanitizer. The reduction of irritating chloramines versus traditional chlorinating methods and the "softening" effect of electrolysis. For people who have sensitivities to chlorine, these systems generally are less offensive. Although there is an initial increase of cost, Salt water pools are cheaper to maintain throughout the year, since salt is significantly cheaper than the commercial chlorines. An automated system responds to the sanitizer demand without any interference. The Salt Water Chlorinator continues to rise in popularity year over year for the outweighing benefits.