Nemo Underwater Power Tools - Pool Repairs Without Draining

Posted by Ken Scheer on Jul 29, 2017

Nemo Underwater Tools

When it comes to swimming pools, it can take a lot of effort to keeping them clean and ready to swim in. Understanding water chemistry and how to fix things is also just as important as skimming out the debris and brushing the steps and benches. But, what about having the right tools to not only fix filtration equipment but underwater repairs as well? Well, if you are concerned about the environment, water conservation and making sure you have the right tools on hand then this post is one you will want to familiarize yourself with. 

At PST Pool Supplies, we highly recommend Nemo Underwater Tools. We carry plenty of products you may need to repair or maintain your pool or spa like drain plugs, nylon test plug, wrench, eyeball seat removal, and more.

The following are a list of tools we carry that can help you with pool repairs underwater:

Nemo Air Pump

The Nemo Pump is essential for pressurizing your Nemo drill for underwater work. Keep your drill in good working condition by adding the right amount of air pressure.

Battery Charger

The Nemo Battery Charger fully charges the Nemo 18V 3Ah Li-ion Battery in just 55 minutes. Voltage System18v Battery18v Li-ion 3Ah, 18v Li-ion 6Ah


Pack an extra Nemo 18V 3Ah Li-ion Battery in your carrying case, so you’ll have the power you need on the job site. The Nemo 18V 3Ah Li-ion Battery lasts between 1-3 hours, depending on the intensity of the work and the type of job you are doing. 

Tool Leash

Connect the durable Nemo Tool Leash to your drill or grinder to make sure you don’t lose your tool while working underwater.

Underwater Hammer Drill

The Nemo Hammer Drill offers you the power you need for working with cement, brick, block, or stone in wet or underwater conditions. Installing concrete anchors, attaching electrical boxes to brick, drilling into tiles in swimming pools and spas and setting cave and canyoneering rigging are all made possible with this submersible, cordless hammer drill.

Underwater Impact Driver

Construction workers, HVAC technicians, and commercial divers can easily carry out a range of fastening applications both underwater and on dry land with the Nemo Submersible Impact Driver. The torque on this driver gives you the power you need to drive large or long screws, and its hex shaft chuck can handle big bits for boring large holes. It’s the world’s first and only waterproof impact driver!

Underwater Impact Wrench

The Nemo Submersible Impact Wrench can carry out a wide range of fastening applications both underwater and on dry land. Delivering 170 ft-lbs of maximum torque, this tool is powerful yet compact, weighing in at only 6.39 lbs and measuring only 6 inches long. Its ergonomic design means increased comfort on the job, and it features a built-in high power LED light to illuminate the work area.

Nemo power tools are built with the highest quality for your satisfaction. If you need to do pool repairs underwater they are the way to go. For a full list of the Nemo Underwater Tools that we carry, CLICK HERE! If you should have any questions in regards to these tools, contact us today!