Maintain Pools Easily with Rola-Chem Liquid Chlorine Feeder

Posted by Ken Scheer on Jul 25, 2017

Rola-Chem Pro Series Peristaltic Pump

When you are the owner of a swimming pool whether it's residential or commercial finding ways to make it easier to take care of your swimming pool is usually a top priority for most. At the forefront of this conversation is usually chemistry. Many people are concerned about having the proper amounts of chlorine in their pool as well as making sure their pH is within range as well. The challenge when it comes to this is knowing exactly how much of each is necessary for your swimming pool to make sure that the proper levels are maintained. Trust us when we tell you, you aren't alone because adding too much acid or too much or too little chlorine can cause problems for your swimming pool. That's why investing in a rola chem chlorine feeder might be an extremely smart investment for you. The liquid chlorine feeder is simple to use and can make your life a lot easier. This product will monitor your chlorine levels and make sure you have adequate levels at all times. They make owning a swimming pool much easier and we hope this blog post can help explain why the rola chem peristaltic pumps is a smart investment for you!

Every swimming pool and spa owner knows that chemical feeders are essential in handling the sanitation needs. Rola-Chems Pro Series peristaltic chemical feed pumps deliver professional quality as well as features that make operation and maintenance simple. The quality is easily seen in the Pro Series' durable plastic construction that is resistant to swimming pool, spa, and hot tub chemicals. They are enclosed in vented, unbreakable stainless-steel cases and feature built-in, solid-state timers. Rola-Chem pumps are designed with 3-way bypass switches. They can be run on the timer position for interrupting action or can be run continuously when in the on position.


  • A quick-release cover for fast tubing access.
  • Electronic controls for extended motor life.
  • A three-way switch controls Time/OFF/Continuous.
  • Self-priming Pump.
  • Includes Clear Tygon and Black Norprene Squeeze Tubes.

Again, the chlorine feeder for pool and spas can make your life a lot easier. They come in a variety of shape and sizes to handle the flow of pools that are 5,000 - 65,000 gallons in size and spas that are 2,500 - 25,000 gallons in size. To learn more about the product specifications including voltage, ratings, and sizes, CLICK HERE!