How to Prepare Your Swimming Pool Before the Hurricane

Posted by Michael Hervas on Sep 11, 2019

Are you looking for important hurricane swimming pool safety tips you can follow before the storm? You are on the right page. It is hurricane season again, and while many people prepare for this dreaded change in weather by boarding up the windows and doors of their houses and offices, securing their property and then finding a safe place for the family, the rest worry about their swimming pools. There are many ways to prevent damage that the hurricane might bring, but not a lot of people are aware of them.

Not Draining the Pool

This step is a course of action that many people will think of doing, because it is sensible. When there is a hurricane, swimming pool has to be drained - STOP! Removing water from the pool can actually cost you more rather than help you save.

More than 70% of the pool's weight comes from the water which is enough to cancel out the hydrostatic pressure from groundwater. If you drain your pool during a storm the only hydrostatic pressure present will be from the groundwater. Heavy rains can make the soil super saturated and can be enough to damage your pool. When your pool popped you'll end up building a new pool!

Pool Cover Parts

Taking Off the Pool Cover

The first thing many would think of in the event of a hurricane is to put on the pool cover. This makes sense, but it will end up costing you more in damages. Strong winds from the storm will send objects flying around. These flying debris can land in your swimming pool cover and puncture it. You’ll end up spending more on the repairs after the hurricane buying a replacement for your damaged pool cover.

If you need to buy some pool cover replacement parts.

Adding Chlorine

The contaminants and bacteria from the debris that will be flying in and landing on your uncovered pool is what you want to avoid. Adding chlorine to the water will help make the damage easier to deal with. You want your swimming pool storm ready when electricity gets cut off. Without electrical power, your swimming pool will not have a cleaning system to rely on. Before you shock your pool water, make sure to lower the pH to near 7.2. Then run the pool filter for many hours.

Securing Any Loose Items

This tip is probably one of the things many people have thought of doing because it makes sense and it should be done. Pool tables, chairs, toys, and equipment should be removed and transferred to a secured location. They can easily turn into deadly projectiles with strong hurricane winds. Don’t forget to secure the skimmer lids and fences too. Just follow this safety measure if you have no desire fishing furniture out of the pool after the storm.

Pool Equipments

Switching off Pool Equipment

You will risk more damage to the equipment by not turning them off from the main switch or protecting them with a waterproof cover. It is best to double check whether equipment such as heaters, pool pumps, and others are turned off. Store pool equipment in a cool and dry place.

Those who have pools should follow these tips to prepare for the strong winds along with the debris and damage that a hurricane brings. Even the most durable pool systems still need to be prepared for a storm. In order to lessen the damage that your pool will get, these are the tips to remember.