How to Install and Maintain CCW100 Clear Comfort AOP System

Posted by Michael Hervas on Mar 24, 2023

    You bought CCW100 Clear Comfort AOP System because you want to get the best, healthiest & freshest-feeling water with drinking-water chlorine. Now it's time to install your new system!

    Before we proceed to the installation you should check first what you have in the box:

    Clear Comfort AOP System

    Gate Valve Manifold

    Valved Flowmeter Kit

    Conduit Box & Lid

    Conduit Connector

    12" Conduit Tubing

    10' Tubing With Air Check Valve

    All good! Now that we've check that everything we need is there, please take time to read the  CCW100 Residential Pool Manual you can download it here.

    Where do you install the Clear Comfort System?

    The diagram below shows where you should place the Clear and Comfort AOP System.

    How to install the prebuilt manifold

    STEP 1: Pick a Location

    • Select a location to install Manifold, refer to Step 2 for proper water flow configuration position.
    • If retrofitting, cut a 11" length of the main return piping where the bypass will be installed.

    Please Note: The Manifold needs 1.5" of pipe on each side for glue.

    STEP 2: Select Gate Valve Manifold Orientation

    • It can be installed either left-to-right or right-to-left to match your waterflow configurations.
    • Just align the directional flow arrows with the direction of water flow.

    STEP 3: Connect to Pool Plumbing

    • Using a suitable PVC primer & cement, install and connect the Gate Valve Manifold to the 11" cut section of pool plumbing.

    STEP 4: Connect to System & Set Gate Valve

    • Connect the blue Air Tubing from the Clear Comfort System's Flowmeter to the Manifold’s Venturi.
    • Open the Flowmeter's adjustable knob by turning it counter-clockwise.
    • Turn on the circulation pump. Adjust the Gate Valve Manifold's knob until the Flowmeter meets the required flow rate of 5-7LPM.
    • You may need to fine tune using the Flowmeter's knob.

    Get your copy of how to install the prebuilt manifold here.

    How to Install Your Clear Comfort Valved Flowmeter Kit

    How to Adjust the Airflow to Your Clear Comfort AOP System

    Clear and Comfort CCW100 Ongoing Maintenance

    1. Check Water (Weekly - 10 minutes)
      • pH: 7.2 - 7.4
      • Alkalinity: 60 - 120 ppm
      • Cyanuric Acid: 20 - 40 ppm
      • Calcium Hardness: 200 - 400 ppm
      • Total Dissolved Solids (TDS): Less Than 1,500 ppm
      • Residual Chlorine: 0.5 - 1.5 ppm
      • Phosphates: Less than 200 ppm
      • Run pump: 2200 - 2400 RPM
      • Pump run time: 24/7 or 23/7 if using a DE filter

      Note: Depending on your local climate, cyanuric acid levels over 40 ppm will make shock less effective - additional shock may be required.

    2. Measure Air Flow (Monthly - 5 minutes)
      • Connect blue Air Tubing from the Clear Comfort System's Flowmeter to the Manifold’s Venturi.
      • Turn the Flowmeter's adjustable knob counter-clockwise until fully open.
      • Turn on circulation pump & adjust the Gate Valve Manifold's knob until the Flowmeter 5 to 7 LPM.
      • Use the Flowmeter's knob for needed fine tuning.

    3. Algae Prevention (Weekly to Monthly; depends on Season & Pool Usage - 5 minutes)
      • At the first indication of algae, immediately brush algae off walls. Adjust pH level of your pool water. Shock and add algaecide.
      • 24hrs After Shock: Backwash your filter. Adjust pH level and proactively use copper-based algaecide.

    4. Cartridge Replacement (Yearly - 5 minutes)
      • Turn off system using front switch and disconnect from power source.
      • On the cartridge unit, disconnect the top cable by rotating its base and pulling up.
      • Remove air tubing from the cartridge unit.
      • On the air tubing, replace the old check valve with the new check valve.
      • Replace the cartridge unit with new Cartridge unit.
      • Reconnect the air tubing and top cable to the new Cartridge unit.
      • Reconnect power source and turn on the system.

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