How Salt Chlorine Generator Help You Get the Best Clean and Silky Pool Water?

Posted by Ken Scheer on Apr 26, 2017

SGS Salt Chlorinators

When it comes to swimming, I remember always enjoying it as a kid because it was the best way to cool off on a hot summer day, it was fun to swim and play with friends and in the end, who didn't want to make the biggest splash jumping into the pool? This is true of many but getting out of the swimming pool with itchy skin and burning eyes was always the one thing that made it not so much fun. Well, you aren't alone and swimming in traditional chlorinated water can definitely do that to anyone if the chlorine levels are high or if you're allergic to chlorine. That's why we hope this blog post can help you understand why salt water might be the best for you and how to choose the best pool salt chlorine generator. 

Salt water pools came on the market years ago and pretty much took over because of how they were marketed and sold. When anyone was told they could swim in water that was silky smooth, not get out feeling itchy or smelling like chlorine it was an easy sell. I mean, who wouldn't want a salt pool chlorine generator for their swimming pool? Most people would agree which made salt water pool generators extremely popular for many residential and commercial swimming pool owners. Salt water pool owners rave about how much better the water feels, how it doesn’t burn their eyes or cause itchiness to their skin. They even mentioned how much easier it was to brush and manage their hair after swimming in a salt water pool.

But, why is the feeling of swimming in salt water pools so noticeably different? The human body is actually quite a salty environment and if you've ever tasted teardrops or sweat, you probably know that they are salty in taste. Because our bodies are naturally salty (approximately 7,000 parts per million of salt in our different tissues), the closer the water we swim in is to that level of salt, the better our skin and eyes feel and the less water we will either absorb across our skin or lose across our skin. That is why when you swim in a fresh water swimming pool, your skin and eyes will actually absorb water causing the skin to feel tight and stretched, sometimes wrinkling it and causing our eyes to swell, sting and even turn red! 

With that being said, this is pretty much the main reason why you will feel much better when you get out of the swimming pool. Depending on what type of salt you buy, some companies add other additives to the salt to help with the moisture and silky feeling of the water. 

Benefits of Having The Best Salt Water Chlorine Generators:

  • Clean, Soft & Silky Feeling Water
  • Removes Chlorine Odor
  • Low Maintenance Cost (Salt is cheaper than Chlorine)
  • Easy to Use!

On a side note, please be aware of the fact that if you live in an area with high calcium hardness coming out of the tap, (300 - 400 parts per million) or higher, using a salt water chlorinator can be somewhat challenging due to high hardness in the water. To help explain why this happens and how you can make sure your salt system is always functioning, CLICK HERE! That's also why we recommend the SGS Salt Water Chlorinators which can handle higher levels of calcium hardness in your swimming pool water.

If you have any other questions in regards to salt water chlorinators, please contact us today!