Five Benefits of Using Oxidizers for Swimming Pool Cleaning

Posted by Ken Scheer on Jun 27, 2017

Pool Oxidizer, Basal Chemical Safe-n-Clean

Oxidizers are primarily used in swimming pools to shock or even super-chlorinate the water to destroy organic contaminates and kill bacteria. Any of these contaminates enter the pool from bathers and the outside elements. If they are left untreated, these organic contaminates in the pool can irritate both the swimmer's eyes and skin. In the end, swimming pool oxidizers also aid in helping to keep your pool looking crystal clear. 

Specifically, The Safe-N-Clean Pool Oxidizer™ begins its fast-acting process immediately after being placed in the strainer basket of your pump. It is a highly soluble, fast-acting gel that helps maintain pools, designed to act synergistically with Safe-N-Clean Pool Clarifier™ to counter nature's elements. Safe-N-Clean Pool Oxidizer™ protects pools from lotions, ammonia and chloramines. Safe-N-Clean Pool Oxidizer™ is designed to give pools and spas a time-release oxidative gel distribution that acts as a bi-weekly complement or booster to the weekly application of chlorine sanitizer common to the industry.

It is important to start with a clean pool then use Safe-N-Clean Pool Oxidizer™ to maintain your pool for you. Results after 1 package can be seen for up to 30 days. Pools larger than 30,000 gallons and/or extremely dirty pools may need a weekly application. If Safe-N-Clean Pool Oxidizer™ is used continuously on a regular schedule, it will oxidize organic metabolites and eliminate chlorine off-gassing, as well as diminish burning effects of chlorine to the eyes and skin.

Benefits of Using Oxidizers For Pool:

  1. Simple to use - each oxidizer for your pool is just put in the strainer basket of your pump and it works on its own. 
  2. Keeps the pool looking crystal clear - with the proper levels of chlorine, all organic material is destroyed which allows for a pool that is blue, clear and ready to swim in!
  3. Protects pools from lotions - suntan oils and body oils are used regularly in swimming pools. Normal filtration doesn't remove these but oxidizers will prevent the film from increasing on the surface of the swimming pools. 
  4. Protects pools from chloramines - this is probably one of the biggest benefits because it's extremely common for individuals to urinate in the swimming pool. When this happens, chloramines are released in the swimming pool which can cause red/burning eyes. When you reduce the chloramines this will reduce red eyes too!
  5. Reduces dry/itchy skin - The chlorine in your pool water can dry out your skin and make it feel tight and itchy because the chlorine strips your skin of its protective layer of sebum. Using safe levels of oxidizers can help reduce this.

Safe-N-Clean Pool Oxidizer™ is nontoxic, environmentally safe, biodegradable and completely safe for use with swimming spa chemical systems. PST Pool Supplies is offering specials on our 20 packs of Pool Oxidizer. If you should have any questions on the benefits of this product, please contact us today!