Hasa Liquidator, 8 Gallon, W/ "3/8" Upgrade

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  • 3/8" Upgrade Included.
  • Easy and fast installation - Less Than 30 Minutes.
  • Maintains Steady Free Chlorine Level.
  • Feeds a Controlled Amount of Liquid Chlorine (patented process).
  • Non-electric Automatic Chlorine Feeder.


  • Eliminates Most Chemical Odors.
  • Eliminates Algae with Constants, Steady Chlorination.
  • No Build Up of Dissolved Solids.
  • No Need For Pesky Floating Chlorinators.
  • Just Refill The Unit Every 2-4 Weeks.
  • Saves You Time and Money.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

The controlled amount feeding of liquid cholorine allows mineral salts and other dissolved solids to fall out of solution and remain in the unit for disposal.


  1. Units Tank is Partially Filled with Pool Water.
  2. Liquid chlorine is poured in through a funnel and drop tube.
  3. Liquid chlorine remains at the bottom of the tank, because it is heavier than water!

***With the chlorine under a bed of pool water, most of the odors associated with the use of these chemicals is eliminated.***

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***Click here if you only need the The Liquidator Hasa Automatic Pool Chlorine Feeder 8 Gallon Standard (without the 3/8 Upgrade).

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3 Reviews

  • 5
    Get rid of the floater - so far so good...

    Posted by Andre B. on Sep 04, 2020

    I've only had this installed for about a week and still getting it adjusted but so far I really like it. Very smart design and easy to install, even the hose clamps are well designed. I have read the unit requires maintenance (infrequent I hope) but I am willing to trade that for tablets, etc. The 3/8 upgrade is smart and offers more flow with less restriction. The ball valve used to adjust flow is touchy so I'll be on the look out for a needle valve.

  • 4
    HASA liquidator

    Posted by Dale Trumbo on May 14, 2019

    Great product and easy install. Does what is advertised. Liquid chlorine needs more acid, but that was expected. Lost one star because it came with a defective install kit, but issue was quickly resolved by PST pool supplies.

  • 5
    So Far So Good

    Posted by Steve Deal on Jun 26, 2018

    Installed just a bit over a week now and already enjoying not manually dumping chlorine in the pool every day. Much more consistent chlorine level throughout the day. Installation went well.. did need to build a shade cover of sorts to keep the direct sun off the unit... also will be adding another valve to the out line for cutoff purposes so don't have to re-figure the position of the flow rate valve every time need to turn feed off.