SGS Breeze 760 Salt Water Chlorinator System 60,000 Gallon

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60,000 Gallon Salt Water Chlorinator - FREE shipping in USA!


  • *** Exclusive 3 Years Warranty ***
  • Handles Up to 60,000 Gallons Water.
  • Made in the USA.
  • High FREE Chlorine Output.
  • Automatically Reverses Polarity Cells To Remove Most Calcium Build Up On the Plates.
  • Cells are Visibly Housed in a Clear Plastic for Easy Checking.
  • Very Easy To Operate and Maintain.

Benefits of Salt Water Chlorinators:

  • Low Maintenance - No Acid Cleaning on the Plates!
  • Energy Efficient!
  • No Need to Regularly Buy & Store Chlorine.
  • Get Soft, Silky & Luxurious Water for Your Pool.
  • Eliminates Chlorine Odor.
  • No Skin & Eyes Irritation!

Your swimming pool will be continuous "shocked" by free chlorine which is milder and safer. This process will help you achieve a soft and luxurious feeling pool water that your friends and family will enjoy!

SGS Breeze 760 salt system is durable and equipped with advanced technology.

* Click here if you just need to buy the replacement the cell.

** If you only have up to 40,000 gallon of pool water, buy the SGS Breeze 540 variant.

Warranty Information

3 Years

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Oceanside, California
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