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How The Liquidator Pool Chlorinator Can Help New Pool Owners?

Posted by Ken Scheer on

Hasa Liquidator, 8 Gallon, W/ "3/8" Upgrade

Are you new to using a swimming pool? Is maintaining proper chemical balance challenging for you? If so there are many different options in the swimming pool industry that can help make your life easier. Let's be honest, not everyone can afford to hire a weekly pool service. It might be out of your budget but instead of wondering how and when to add chlorine wouldn't it be great if there was an option that would make your life easier? Well, you're in luck and we want to introduce you to The Liquidator automatic chlorine feeder. With this blog post, we want to explain to you how the liquidator chlorine feeder works, the benefits of using it and how to purchase yours today at a reduced rate. 

Chlorine is one of the most important chemicals to use in your swimming pool to prevent algae and other bacteria from forming in your pool water. Knowing how much to use in your swimming pool can be challenging and for some remember to test your pool water regularly is also hard. That's why using the Liquidator pool chlorine automatic feeder can make a new pool owners job that much easier. Usually, during the winter time you will want to have 1 -3 parts per million (ppm) chlorine and 3 - 5ppm during the summer time. Depending on how much vegetation you have around your swimming pool, storms and the wind will determine what the most optimal chlorine level for your swimming pool is. But you can take the guess work out of that if you purchase a Liquidator today! 

The following are features of the Liquidator:

  • The 3/8" upgrade included. (Most swimming pool equipment will need this)
  • Easy and fast installation - Less Than 30 Minutes.
  • Maintains steady free chlorine level which makes it easy for everyone.
  • Feeds a controlled amount of liquid chlorine.
  • Non-electric automatic chlorine feeder.

The Advantage of the Liquidator:

  • Eliminates most chemical odors.
  • Eliminates algae with constant steady chlorination.
  • No build-up of dissolved solids.
  • No need for pesky floating chlorinators which add cyanuric acid to the swimming pool.
  • Just refill the unit every 2-4 weeks or as needed.
  • Saves you time and money.

It is simple to use as all you need to do as the tank is partially filled with pool water. Then, just pour liquid chlorine through a funnel and drop tube. Finally, the liquid chlorine will remain at the bottom of the tank, because it is heavier than water. This helps with the chlorine smell!

The liquidator can make your life much easier because it keeps a constant feed of chlorine in your water. It takes a lot of guesswork out of wondering how much chlorine to use. This alone can make owning one a smart decision for new pool owner or even a seasoned one. If you're looking to purchase one today at a reduced price, CLICK HERE!

If you have any questions on how to use it, contact us today!