Cartridge Cleaning Tool, Filter Flosser

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Spend lesser time, energy and water cleaning while extending the life of your pool and spa filters.

It has a curved nozzle design that provides extended cleaning area (more than 2x the other cleaners). This will help you clean 50% faster & use 50% less water.

Product Features:

  • Corrosion Resistant and Sturdy all aluminum body.
  • The handy on/off switch saves water & fussing.
  • Comfortable ergonomic hand grip.
  • Made in the USA with a 100% quality guarantee!
  • For use with ANY SIZE filter cartridge!
  • Provides 7x more cleaning area than just a hose alone.

High pressure water and air agitation allows you to clean deep down between pleats and removes all of the built-up dirt inside to increase the life of your filter cartridges.

It does not damage cartridge filters as compared to other products on the market.

Tests show that Filter Flosser had a greater GPM (gallons per minute) than all other units tested.

3-Ways to Clean for Best Results:

  • Overall Cleaning - Hold 1/2" to 1" from filter with the nozzle at a 90° angle from pleats. Move up and down in short strokes, from top to bottom of the filter.
  • Particularly Dirty Areas - Hold 4" to 5" from filter with the water convergence point focused on a specific area.
  • Build-Up Between Pleats - Turn nozzle parallel with pleats, 1/2" to 1" from filter. Move up and down in short strokes, from top to bottom of the filter.
  • If you feel the water pressure is to low, try and connect to the homes "water main". This provides best water pressure from your home.

Warranty Information

12 Months

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