Bulb, LED, PAL LAU-2CU, 2-Wire, 12vac, Color (Prior Aug 2018)

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The New LAU-2CU Color Lock LED Array Lamp now replaces the existing LAL Lamp. This new lamp is totally interchangeable with the LAL but incorporates added features and provides a better light distribution.

This outstanding Lamp provides six (6) Fixed Colors, two (2) Color effects and three (3) selectable start colors and can be fitted into all New and existing PAL Aquatic and Underwater Lighting.

Now with just the simple "flick" of the light switch you can change the color effect of your lighting feature.

The LAU-2CU Lamp can be fixed into 6 colors, White, Blue, Green, Red, Amber and Purple, also 2 digital color effects, Color Change and Disco and the dip switch allows the selection of 3 start colors, white or blue or color change.

The LAU-2CU Lamp is powered by a safe 12V A/C Supply and requires no external controller to operate.


  • 12 x SMD RGB LED Array.
  • Long Life, up to 100,000 hours.
  • Selectable Color Options with 3 x Start Color choices
  • Low Heat
  • Low Power - only 5 watts
  • Unlimited number of lights can be synchronised to color
Product Specifications:
Bellson Electric, PAL Lighting
Light Assembly Part Type
Bulb Base Type
Two Pin LAU2
Bulb Type

Warranty Information

12 Months

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Idaho Falls, ID
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2 Reviews

  • 5
    Bulb for swimming pool. Top notch tech support!

    Sadly I cannot recall the name of the tech who helped me choose the appropriate bulb. He educated me about the difference of the bulb installed in 2096 about the bulb that needed replacing. Then he guided me through the replacement bulb, which has many colors available in addition to the white one I had. The new light is cool, but my biggest thanks are for the tech who helped me select the proper replacement bulb. Since I don’t have an account with you and therefore cannot purchase directly from you, he suggested I check the internet using the part number. Many thanks for the assistance and guidance your technical team provided.

  • 4
    Great color, fits the replacement, but...

    The old PAL settings I had didn't have a fitting for the rim around this lamp so it just "flops around" in the casing. However, the light works great and the colors (except red) are brilliant. Red is just a little faded than the others. I really like the multi-color cycle too!